Kentucky Concealed Carrying Deadly Weapons Permit Course

Note: You must live in the State of Kentucky to apply and receive a Kentucky CCDW permit. If you live in Ohio, you will need to sign up for the Ohio CCDW Course.


Course Requirements and Cost:

Course Contents:

* NOTE: Items with asterisks (*) will be covered after the course and are not part of the KY CCDW syllabus.

I was searching for a place to get my concealed carry and a good friend told me about Joe’s class and that he was signed up to go. It was hard to get in and I actually called some other places and could have gotten into those classes with no problems. Meanwhile my friend goes through the class and calls me the next day telling me not to go anywhere else and that I would not regret waiting. He was right! I went in with absolutely zero knowledge of guns and came out well informed and confident of handling most any pistol. The EXTRA stuff Joe teaches and the information he gives you to take with you or look up later via web sites is way above and beyond any expectations.

Quick Links about the Kentucky CCDW:

Information about renewing your Kentucky permit

[ from the KY DOCJT ]

The Kentucky State Police will send notice and a renewal from to each CCDW license holder not less than 120 days from expiration of a license. An expired license shall be void and not valid for any purpose other than surrender to the sheriff in exchange for a renewal license.

Additional Information about the Kentucky permit:

License Requirements:

A person is NOT eligible to get a license if that person:

NOTE: After a license has been issued, if any of the above takes place, the license will be suspended.