Handgun Tactics 1

The Handgun Tactics 1 Course is an all day course and is fast paced. This course is specifically designed for those who already possess a concealed carry permit.

Course Requirements and Cost:

Course Contents:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although possession of a concealed carry license is not a requirement, it is imperative that you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of shooting.

Testimonials from our students:

I cannot recommend Joe Kalil’s Adv. Concealed Carry Tactics course more highly. Sometimes firearms training can be a bit overwhelming or intimidating for some women. I mean, let’s face it…the gun community is filled with many men who have a whole lot more experience than the average female shooter. Well, from one woman’s perspective, Joe’s classes are not intimidating or overwhelming in the least.

We started out the day with some basics and then swiftly moved through a variety of topics to help us improve both our accuracy and speed. But explaining the nuts and bolts of the course really doesn’t do the course justice.

What really makes Joe’s course special is that he doesn’t just teach how to aim, shoot, draw from a holster and such. These are very important items and invaluable skills to do properly. What Joe really teaches is how to use the most important weapon in self defense, namely your brain. Joe ultimately teaches how to think about self defense using a firearm. That alone was worth every penny and every moment spent during the class. I believe that the foundation his instruction gives me, will serve me very well for years to come.


The Advanced Concealed Carry Tactics Course is a great experience for any experience level, novice to expert. The class not only covers advance techniques for concealed carry, the course content covers important basics on shooting and safety.

For starters the student learns the fundamentals and how to shoot groups but then quickly progresses to techniques that balance accuracy and speed. Throughout the course a favorable student to instructor ratio ensures safety and provides a high level of individual coaching. For the group lectures Joe Kalil is not only thorough but he is also exciting and inspirational! Overall, the course is a can’t miss opportunity!

Warren McAdams

I have attended many seminars, courses and classes involving subjects dealing with aviation, law enforcement, firefighting, etc… I have never experienced any of them that were more exciting, informative, complete and useful, than the Handgun Tactics Course taught by Defensive Handgun Training LLC at Miami Rifle & Pistol Club in May!

I have never learned so much in so little time, becoming so vividly aware, in spite of much practice, of my limitations and inadequacies in using my carry weapon, in my personal defense.

Jack Karch
Cincinnati, OH