Florida non-resident Concealed Carry Permit

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Florida offers the ability for non-residents to obtain a Florida permit. This course makes you eligible to apply for the Florida non-resident permit and we also provide the non-resident applications. Most students attending the Ohio permit course also decide to obtain a Florida permit since it is recognized in more states than the Ohio permit. You can obtain both permits by attending this course with no additional cost to you.
Special Note:This course is taught in the Northern Kentucky area, near Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Renewal Information about the Florida permit

[ Florida Dept. of Agriculture website ]

Your Florida concealed Weapons or Firearm License is valid for a period of five years. The expiration date appears on the front of your license. Approximately 90 days prior to that date, our Division will automatically send a renewal application to you in the mail to the address that we have on file for you at that time.

It is therefore important that you keep our office informed if you move or change your mailing address. Section 790.06(8), Florida Statutes, requires licensees to inform our office within thirty (30) days of the permanent change of address. If you do not let us know about your address change, you will in all likelihood not receive your renewal license.

If you do change addresses, you must notify our Division of that change in writing. However, you can conveniently submit a change of address online via our website.

If for some reason you fail to renew your license by its expiration date, keep in mind that your Concealed Weapon or Firearm license can be renewed up to six (6) months beyond the expiration date in accordance with section 780.06(11)(a), Florida Statutes. However, there is a late fee of $15.00 for renewing after the expiration date. A concealed weapon license that has been expired for longer than six months cannot be renewed. If you fail to renew within that six-month period after expiration, you will have to apply for a new license.

Additional Information about the Florida permit

Eligibility Requirements:

Detailed explanations of these various disqualifying conditions are provided in the Application for the Concealed Weapon / Firearm License (Defensive Handgun Training has these applications on hand for students who attend this course).