Defensive Handgun Training is a local company owned by Joe Kalil, an expert in the field of handgun training and weapons certifications, based in the Greater Cincinnati area. Joe has extensive military, law enforcement, civilian firearm and instructor experience. He has been instructing in some capacity since 1987 and is rated as a master IDPA shooter. For additional information about Joe’s certifications and qualifications, visit the About page. Our courses are taught in the Union, Kentucky area.

Joe was recently featured in an article for the Concealed Carry Magazine. You can read the article in Adobe PDF format.

Read what some of Joe’s students have to say about his courses on the testimonial page. You can also read more specific testimonials about the course you are interested in taking on the course information page as well.

Courses We Offer

Kentucky Concealed Carry Course
Ohio Concealed Carry Course
Florida Non-Resident Concealed Carry Course
Handgun Tactics 1 Course
Handgun Tactics 2 Course
Tactical Rifle 1
Tactical Rifle 2
NRA Instructor Course
NRA Range Safety Officer Course
USCCA Instructor Course

Upcoming Course Dates

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What we do

Joe supervising the firing line.

Defensive Handgun Training (DHT) specializes in Concealed Carry license training, firearms safety courses and Glock Armorer services.

We offer courses for Concealed Carry Weapons permits for Kentucky, Ohio and Florida. We also offer a Handgun Tactics course, Firearms Safety Course for teenagers and various NRA courses. Joe establishes a very friendly training atmosphere and is a strong advocate of self-defense training for women.

Learn more about our courses and the Glock armorer services we offer.

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Joe teaching on the firing line

Four Cardinal Gun Rules